Real-time Insights and Analytics

Reinvent your retail business with in-depth data analysis

Listen to what your store is trying to tell you

Ensure excellence and easy execution of store operations Ensure excellence and easy execution of store operations

Anticipate and meet your customers' retail needs

Comprehending the effect of marketing and operational efforts on actual sales is not easy. Shopper behavior has changed drastically and so has the retail landscape. Retail technology must keep pace with rapidly evolving consumer and operational demands. To do this, retailers need reliable real-time insights into data that help them make informed decisions. SimpleRetail provides retailers with the means to turn mountains of data into meaningful and impactful insights into customer preferences, supply chain and SKUs and employee efficiency levels. It also provides tracking information on store hardware systems such as cold chain units, PoS systems, CCTVs, beacons etc.

Efficiently manage multiple and single SKUs Efficiently manage multiple and single SKUs

Increase conversion rates with predictive analytics

POS Data Audit

Audit all sales transaction from all channels to ensure clean and consistent sales information and ensure no fraudulent behavior has taken place. This in turn, offers retailers valuable insights about when, where and how much of their goods are sold.

Executive KPI Dashboard
  • Track and evaluate key performance indicators at store level, inventory level, sales etc. using the executive KPI dashboard. You can use this to take note of issues as well as strengths and save costs.
POS Sales Analysis
  • Review sales-related performance indicators to track and analyze the performance of your stores’ sales department to comprehend customer acquisition and conversion rates, sales volumes, up-sell and cross-sell rates etc.
Obtain visibility into your stock and automate your hardest tasks Obtain visibility into your stock and automate your hardest tasks

Power your retail business with actionable insights

Inventory Visibility
  • Get accurate, real-time inventory information that helps you meet customers’ promised delivery dates. Make smarter fulfillment decisions and use stock from the most cost-effective locations by unifying different inventory pools across multiple channels.
Multi-Channel Sales Analysis
  • Analyze the combined sales and transactional data across all channels to be used in controlling, marketing, promotion management, and monitoring retailing processes. View net sales, gross margin and further KPIs across multiple time periods and sales channels.