Integrate your physical and digital stores
Upgrade your physical store with Applexus’ SimpleRetail - the intelligent retail management software that integrates your offline and online presence onto a single platform, enabling you to handle omnichannel business.
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Simple Retail

The Intelligent Digital Store Platform

Integrate your online and physical store with our AI-enabled retail management solution that easily handles all your core store processes and offers advanced features such as delivery scheduling, 360o customer view, automatic replenishment and customer self-service.

Simple Retail hardware product combo
The preferred platform - SimpleRetail

Our Vision for Retail - Better Customer Experience

Keep your existing customers happy and get more repeat customers. Avoid long queues and time-consuming billing processes with customer self-checkout & quick bill. Improve customer experience by giving your customers the convenience of door delivery. Improve profits by effectively tracking “dead / expired stock”

Wow your customers
Transform your business

Our Vision for Retail - Improve Supply Chain Efficiencies

Supply chain efficiencies play a crucial role in positive customer experiences. A delayed delivery will disappoint whereas an early delivery will delight. SimpleRetail ensures business success and customer satisfaction by getting the right products to the right customers as quickly as possible.

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