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Online Vaccine Appointment Scheduling

Online Vaccine Appointment Scheduling & Administration for Pharmacy

Online Vaccine Appointment Scheduling

To keep pace with the historic vaccination event, pharmacies need to digitize their vaccination management providing customers self-service appointment scheduling while optimizing their throughput and administration. SimpleRetail’s rules-based appointment scheduling engine and pharmacy administration software enables your pharmacy to automate daily appointment management, monitoring and tracking vial usage and limiting vial expirations. To support safe customer call-ins and walk-ins during the pandemic, the pharmacy solution has company-wide, smart search and alternate store appointment scheduling to maximize your vaccination throughput across your store locations.

Nittu Thomas

“An end-to-end COVID-19 vaccination process management, allowing pharmacies to make the most of mass vaccination events, SimpleRetail’s appointment scheduling engine and pharmacy administration software makes it simple for customers to register and give consent for vaccine administration while automating workflows for pharmacy administrators. Its real-time insights into volume requirements help to minimize vaccine waste, providing insight into vaccination and immunity rates at the individual, department, pharmacy, and system levels.”
- Nittu Thomas, Chief Operation Officer, Applexus

Trusted by over hundreds of pharmacies across the world.

Key Features

Customer Experience

Customer Experience:

  • Dosage/Manufacturer Selection
  • State Eligibility Confirmation
  • Pharmacy Finder
  • Dosage/Appointment Availability
  • Consent Form Data Entry
  • Rules-based, Smart Appointment Scheduling
    • Double Booking Prevention
    • Vial Consumption Optimization
    • Store Scheduling Windows
  • Email Confirmation & Reminders
Pharmacy Experience:

Pharmacy Experience:

  • Daily Vial Consumption Tracking
  • Daily Appointment Management
  • Pre-Filled Consent Form Printing
  • Global, Smart Search for Customer Appointments
  • Alternate Store Appointment Scheduling

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