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Protect and Grow Your Fashion Brand with SimpleRetail

Offer innovative and personalized experiences to your customers and make sure that your business never goes out of style. SimpleRetail helps you sell more effectively and profitably.

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Fashion software design

Fashion software designed for your needs

Simplify your fashion business processes with SimpleRetail, so that you can focus on providing incredible customer experiences. SimpleRetail’s easy-to-use interface and intuitive features help fashion businesses offer channel-agnostic buying options.

immersive shopping experiences

Offer immersive shopping experiences

Open a new world of possibilities for your business by leveraging next-generation technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Augmented Reality to offer compelling experiences that will have your customers coming back for more.

real-time analytics

Learn what’s trending with real-time analytics

In fashion, opportunities are as fickle as trends and keeping up can be tough. Obtain real-time, enterprise-wide visibility into your inventories, improve demand-supply matching at each level of the supply chain, and facilitate consistent customer interactions irrespective of channels or geographies.


Applexus SimpleRetail solution has been very helpful in facilitating efficient seller-shopper communication and has helped us to understand and serve our customers better.

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Transform Your Fashion & Lifestyle Business with SimpleRetail

Offer more styles and surpass fashion customer expectations

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Easy to use

SimpleRetail is easy to use and highly customizable. It seamlessly integrates with most of the popular hardware and ERP systems in use, so that your transition is hassle-free. What’s more, we’ll help you get started and support you throughout your transformation journey.

Know your customer better

Equipped with a 360-degree view of your customers including their purchase history, brand, and price preferences, you can offer better products and tailor-made offers to inspire confidence in your brand and to build long-lasting customer relationships.

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Why Choose SimpleRetail for your Fashion & Lifestyle Business

SimpleRetail is easy to use and provides



Access at any time and from anywhere. All your reports and data are available 24 x 7, are secure and up to date.

Works on most devices

Works on most devices

Works easily across all devices, including mobiles providing a high level of flexibility with regards to hardware and peripherals.



Use facial-recognition to create a seamless no-effort way to identify customers as they come into your store.

Accept any payment

Accept all payments

SimpleRetail has partnered with almost all leading merchant providers across the globe so that you can choose how to accept payments in your store.

Connected apps

Connected apps

SimpleRetail connects mission-critical enterprise apps in accounting, staffing, sales and more. Manage your entire business online.


Round-the-clock support

We provide 24/7 customer care and have a global team of SimpleRetail experts to help you on your way and keep you running.

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