Point of sale

Do more with your PoS

Improve customer experiences with a hassle-free sales process online and offline

The easy way to grow your sales The easy way to grow your sales

The easy way to grow your sales

SimpleRetail enables your PoS to go beyond just transaction processing. It empowers your store associates to provide personalized customer experiences that increase sales. It also allows you to complete your sales process anywhere in the retail network and have a unified view of data across channels. SimpleRetail POS guarantees a uniform consumer experience, irrespective of how customers choose to shop. It does so by integrating your retail system with a consistent, customizable approach to promotions, customer returns and exchanges, earning and redemption of loyalty rewards, use of gift cards and coupons.

Retail PoS that works for you Retail PoS that works for you

Retail PoS that works for you

Cash Management:

Track Cash Management from day-begin operation by the manager (opening ledger balance before counters open) to the day-end by the manager (closing/net residual balance). Also, manage shift activity such as login by cashier and midday cash pick up manager to cashier.

Quick Sale
  • Helps you record all transactions that happen in your store. Sales associates can perform multiple operations such as cash and carry, scanning items, scanning returns, adding promotions and coupons etc. from this screen
Custom Order
  • Allows sales associate to customize orders in carts according to customers’ specifications to create custom orders. Also enables associates to take quotations and convert them to orders and provide financing options to make the purchase.
 Payments and Promotions simplified  Payments and Promotions simplified

Payments and Promotions simplified

Payments and Smart Receipts:
  • Multiple payment methods including wallet payments and multiple gateways including Worldpay, Vantiv, Cayan, etc. Smart Receipts emails receipts to the customers and collect their feedback and reviews to facilitate a seamless buying process.
Promotions and Discounts:
  • Activate promotions, discounts and loyalty programs that are in your system. Your sales associates can apply these discount codes either at the bill level or item level.
Make it easy for your buyers to shop with you Make it easy for your buyers to shop with you

Make it easy for your buyers to shop with you

Buyback and Exchange:
  • Facilitates the exchange of old products for new ones. The store buys back the old outdated product and offers a discount on the latest updated product. This ensures brand loyalty and returning customers.
Customer and Loyalty Registration:
  • Manage your customers’ loyalty reward points and bonuses. Points accrue with each transaction and customers can redeem these as and when they want, thereby incentivizing your customers to buy more goods from you.

Next-Gen Retail Point of Sale System that Works Across Platforms

Product Recommendation:
  • Apply the power of Artificial Intelligence to offer product recommendations to your customers based on past purchases and pervious buyer patterns, thereby selling more of what your customers really want.
Delivery Scheduling:
  • Manage your fleet more efficiently by using Artificial intelligence to analyze in extraneous factors such as - off-peak and peak traffic conditions and weather-related issue to provide an optimized route plan that is time and fuel efficient.
Collaboration Workbench:
  • Empower your employees with the collaboration workbench. It provides a common platform for retailer-customer communication. Sales associate can easily communicate with customers via SMS, email, chat and WhatsApp.
  • Efficiently manage POS sales commissions based on product, product category and POS orders. Calculate commission and handle commission payment via Salary or invoice ensuring transparency and employee satisfaction.
ERP Integration:
  • SimpleRetail integrates with almost all widely-used ERP systems and leverages the best practices inbuilt in these systems and extends them to the entire retail environment. Continue to work comfortably with the systems that you are used to.
Returns and Refunds:
  • Allows cashier to perform returns as cash (with receipt) or gift card (without receipt). Obtain a comprehensive view of the most returned products, common return reasons, etc. This helps to make the returns and receipt process trouble-free for both customers and store associates.