Cash Management

Track Cash Management from day-begin (opening ledger balance before counters open) to day-end operations by the manager (closing/net residual balance). Manage shift activity including login by cashier and midday cash pick up manager to cashier.

Quick Sale

Record all transactions that happen in your store. Sales associates can perform multiple operations such as cash and carry, scanning items, scanning returns, adding promotions and coupons etc. from this screen.

Custom Order

Allows sales associate to customize orders in carts according to customer’ specifications to create custom orders. Also enables associates to take quotations and convert them to orders and provide financing options to make the purchase.

Payments and Smart Receipts

Multiple payment methods including wallet payments and using multiple gateways such as Worldpay, Vantiv, Cayan, etc. Smart Receipts emails receipts to the customers and collects their feedback and reviews.


Promotions and Discounts

Activates promotions, discounts and loyalty programs that are in your system. Discount codes created can be applied at bill level or item level.


Returns and Refunds

Allows cashier to perform returns as cash (with receipt) or gift card (without receipt). Offers a comprehensive view of the most returned products, common return reasons, etc.

Buyback and Exchange

Facilitates the exchange of old products for new ones. The store buys back an old outdated product and in return offers a discount on the latest updated version of the product.

Customer and Loyalty Registration

Manage your customers’ loyalty reward points and bonuses. Points accrue with each transaction and customers can redeem these as and when they want.

Collaboration Workbench

Empower your employees with the collaboration workbench. It provides a common platform for retailer-customer communication. Sales associate can communicate with customers via SMS, email, chat and WhatsApp.


Efficiently manage PoS sales commissions based on product, product category and PoS orders. Calculate commission and handle commission payment via Salary or invoice.

ERP Integration

SimpleRetail integrates with almost all widely-used ERP systems,leverages the best practices inbuilt in these systems and extends them to the entire retail environment.

Product Recommendation

Apply the power of Artificial Intelligence to offer product recommendations to your customers based on past purchases and pervious buyer patterns.

Delivery Scheduling

Manage your fleet more efficiently by using Artificial intelligence to analyze off-peak and peak traffic conditions and weather-related issues to provide an optimized route plan that is time and fuel efficient.

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Customer Management

Helps you learn more about your customers at a glance. Synchronize your online and retail customers and collect email addresses at checkout for email marketing.

360° Customer View

Offer better deals to your customers with discounts and promotions based on buying patterns and shopping habits. Get 360-degree views of your customers’ history including their purchase history, brand, and price preferences, quotations, open tickets, etc.

Loyalty Card Management

Manage your loyalty card programs easily with SimpleRetail. Provide loyalty cards (physical or virtual), track point accumulation and deduction during transactions and print physical cards.

Recommendations Engine

Equips the retail sales force with info to cross-sell and up-sell products to customers. The recommendation engine uses machine learning to analyze customer interests and create attractive offers.

Social Media Integration

Learn what your customers really think about you with social media integration. Allows your customers to get in touch with you via various social media channels and also share their experiences with your business.

Customer Collaboration

Sync your customer lists across all shopping channels including online and brick-and-mortar. Make use of one-on-one collaboration with customers to improve their experience and increase loyalty.

Customer Appointments

Build stronger customer relationships by scheduling online customer appointments using an intuitive, easy-to-manage calendar. Helps you set up appointments so that a store associate who understands the customer’s preferences will be available to serve them.

Customer Segmentation

Create customer segments according to demographics such as age, gender, geography, spending behavior and order history to help your sales and marketing people send targeted emails, offers, updates, promotions, etc.


Build meaningful customer engagement strategies with Clienteling - an Artificial Intelligence-enabled application that offers a holistic view of inventory, pricing information, customer’s previous shopping habits, preferences, wishlists, etc.

Personalized offers and pricing

Attract customers to your store with customized offers and pricing created specifically for a customer. Helps you strengthen your brand image and improve the profitability of your business.

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Auto Replenishment

Leverage robust, automated demand sensing and order placing to streamline replenishment and increase on-the shelf availability. Automate replenishment via your ERP system when stock falls below a certain predetermined quantity.

Stock Transfers

Assess product levels at multiple locations and easily transfer stock between different branches, warehouses, etc. Create shipping, delivery, items received and acknowledgement documentation to help in the smooth movement of stocks from one point to the other

Stock Adjustments

Adjust SKUs and ensure decommissioning of damaged, spoilt or unproductive merchandise. Add, maintain and delete SKUs to minimizing excess inventory and fulfilling customer demands precisely.

Ship from Store

A cloud-based modular solution that allows you to provide your online customers a faster delivery time by shipping from a local store instead of a remote warehouse.

Delivery Routing

Maximize the efficiency of your retail operation with AI-backed end-to-end route management. Create optimized routes for each vehicle, update routes quickly and track them in real time.

Delivery Manager Workbench

Easily manage product deliveries through a smart, simple interface. Plan how and when to deliver (using Google maps) deal with packaging/ wrapping and provide live tracking.

Real-time Inventory

Avoid overstocking and stockout situations with RFID-based tracking of inventory movement. Track inventory in real time by viewing details as and when transactions happens.

Physical Inventory

Plan statutory inventory tracking in accordance with government regulations. Carry out store valuations, plan physical inventory, counting process and update details in real-time.

Smart Inventory

Optimize your inventory to meet product availability and ROI goals. Save money by tracking your inventory using RFID. View inventory levels in real-time as and when each transaction happens.

Last Mile Logistics

Offer same day delivery and track last mile logistics in real-time. Integrated with Uber and Lyft to ensure same day order fulfilment.

Buy Online Pickup In store

Offer your customers the option to buy online and pick-up in-store program. Locker functionality allows customer to pick up the item ordered online from his locker.

Traffic Analytics

Measure retail foot traffic to create more efficient campaigns and realize its actual efficacy. Use the data obtained from CCTV cameras to understand how long your customers have been standing in queue.

In-Store Operations


Avoid winding queues and long wait times by allowing customers to checkout their purchases using their smartphones. Payment can be done via their phones.

Product Recommendation

Helps customers find products that they would probably like or need. Grasp their tastes by leveraging the Artificial Intelligence-backed product recommendation engine.

Customer Profile Management

Allows customer to manage their profile information – add, remove and update info including personal details, shipping and billing address, etc.

Order History

Customers can view their order history to know more about what they have purchased in the past and when the purchases were made. Customers can use this to easily reorder items of their choice.

Promotions, Coupons & Vouchers

Customers can see their promotions, coupons, vouchers etc., which will help them make informed purchasing decisions at the best possible prices.

Product Finder

Help your customers locate a particular product within your store. Customers can locate products of their choice using the mobile in-store guide. Augmented reality can be integrated.

Scheduled Purchases

Daily or repetitive purchases can be scheduled for a specified period. The order will be placed automatically for that period and the items delivered as per the schedule. Especially useful for repeated purchases like grocery staples and daily essentials.

Inventory Lookup

Enables customers to find out the stock level of the products that they want to buy. It also shows the customer whether the store nearby his home has a particular product that he could buy later on.

Cart Management

Allows shoppers to select, retain and store items for future use before the actual purchase.

Rewards & Loyalty Benefits

Offers customers a comprehensive view of his rewards and loyalty benefits – including points accrued, redeemed, etc.

Endless Aisle

Allow your customers to purchase products that are out of stock or unavailable by offering them the option to pick it up at another store or have it shipped to their homes. Can be smartphone or kiosk based.

Wishlist Management

Allow sales associates to see the wishlist created by your customers so that they can help the customer acquire those items.

Collaboration Workbench

Allow your customers to open up communication channels with the collaboration workbench feature. It provides a common platform for retailer-customer communication. Customers can communicate with sales associates via SMS, email, chat and WhatsApp.

Buy Online Pickup In store

Merge the convenience of online shopping with the excitement of shopping at a brick-and-mortar store by offering your customers the option to buy online and pick-up in-store program. Locker functionality allows customer to pick up the item ordered online from his secure locker.

Product Traceability

Track your products from manufacturing to store. This blockchain-driven feature, offers traceability across your supply chain network by providing information on origin, manufacturing, raw materials used, etc.

Brand Protection

Ensure that the products that you sell are genuine and thus ward off revenue loss, prevent brand tarnishing and stop other brands from exploiting your brand image. Powered by blockchain technology this reassures customers about the genuineness of your items.

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Coupon & Voucher Management

Manage coupon and voucher-based offers with SimpleRetail’s centralized coupon and voucher creation which can be applied at the PoS during checkout.

Campaign Management

Strategize, execute, orchestrate, and analyze your omnichannel marketing activities using a unified platform to efficiently manage your marketing campaigns.

Event-based Scheduling

Manage all elements of your marketing events from a single platform – including promotion analysis, portfolio analysis, and check if the desired target has been met.

Targeted Marketing

Measure and record each user interaction with your website, marketing campaigns, and sales personnel to build detailed customer demographics and customize offers segment-wise.

Portfolio Analysis

Use customer portfolio analysis to make strategic decisions about product development and the allocation of company resources such as merchandising, assortment planning, advertising, and store labor.

Price Optimization

Gain control over your pricing, save time and boost your profits. Find optimal pricing to engage customers and ensure that your products sell quickly at the perfect price while ensuring decent revenue.

Pricing Calculator

Carry out your price calculations quickly and easily and optimize your price management. Easily calculate different margins for different markets.

Label Printing & Digital Price Tag

Effortlessly print store-level labels and posters. Provide digital price tags to enable easy checkout on a display screen so that price changes can be reflected immediately and accurately.

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POS Data Audit

Audit all sales transaction from all channels to ensure clean and consistent sales information and ensure that no fraudulent activity has taken place.

Executive KPI Dashboard

Track and evaluate key performance indicators at store level, inventory level, sales etc. using the executive KPI dashboard.

POS Sales Analysis

Review sales-related performance indicators to track and analyse the performance your stores’ sales department.

Inventory Visibility

Get accurate, real-time inventory information that helps you meet your customers’ promised delivery dates. Make smarter fulfilment decisions and use stock from the most cost-effective locations by unifying different inventory pools across multiple channels.

Multi-Channel Sales Analysis

Analyze combined sales and transactional data across all channels and leverage it to control, marketing and promotion management, and to monitor retail processes. View net sales, gross margins and other KPIs across multiple time periods and sales channels.

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SimpleRetail’s plug and play integration framework that helps in the out-of-the-box integration with industry-leading retail software and solutions including those from SAP, IBM, Microsoft, etc.

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