Customer Self- Service

Help your customers help themselves

Leverage automation to improve consumer experience

Get your pricing right with real-time insights Get your pricing right with real-time insights

Fulfill your customers need for speed

Today’s retail customers expect an exceptional shopping experience no matter where, when, or how they interact with your retail brand – via the web, mobile, or in-store. Most customers are happier when they have greater control over their in-store experience and for this self-service is a crucial factor. Self-service stations are a wise, budget-friendly investment that should rise to the top of each retailer’s priority list. Our self-service solution offers customers a more personal experience, has less room for error and allows customers to take charge. It helps shoppers locate specific products easily, helping to reduce waiting time. Self-checkout gets rid of those long queues that are the bane of the retail shopper. Customer self-service also takes up less space, thus freeing up more area of retail displays. It also reduces cash handling risks, such as miscalculations in the float, fraud or theft.

Tackle long queues at check-outs with self-service Tackle long queues at check-outs with self-service

Tackle long queues at check-out
with self-service

  • Allows more customers to be attended to in a shorter time and helps in creating shorter queues by letting them check out their purchases via their smartphones. They can pay via their phones, get a QR code, scan the code and get the purchased items. This reduces overhead costs, improves store capacity, enhances in-store productivity, and satisfies customer demands.
Product Recommendation
  • Sets up effective sales strategies based on preset scenarios like browsing history, best sellers, products seen together, etc. Helps customers find products that they would probably like or need to purchase by leveraging the Artificial Intelligence-backed product recommendation engine.
Offer next generation consumer journeys Offer next genaration consumer journeys

Offer next-generation consumer journeys

Customer Profile Management
  • Gives customers the power to maintain their profiles. Customers can use this feature to update their profile information, i.e. add, remove and update details including personal information, shipping and billing address.
Order History
  • Get insights into what works and what doesn’t by evaluating your customers’ order histories
  • Build an ideal product assortment based on past consumer preferences to anticipate upcoming needs for inventory
  • Analyze purchase history to identify which products are frequently purchased together to display them in your store or website 
  • Create personalized marketing messages, targeted promotions/discounts and advertisements 
Reimagine shopping experiences with current technology Reimagine shopping experiences with current technology

Reimagine shopping experiences with current technology

Promotions, Coupons & Vouchers
  • Improve customer engagement and loyalty by offering promotions, coupons and vouchers. Allows your customers to view promotions, coupons and vouchers that they are entitled to so that they can make informed purchasing decisions at the best possible prices.
Product Finder
  • Improves sales by allowing consumers to search for and find exactly what they want by helping them locate a particular product within your store. This is especially useful in very large stores – customers can locate products of their choice using the mobile in-store guide. Augmented reality option can also be integrated.

Successfully merge instore and online customer experiences

Scheduled Purchases
  • Daily or repetitive purchases can be scheduled for a specified period. The order will be placed automatically for that period and the items delivered as per the schedule. Especially useful for repeated purchases of grocery staples and daily essentials.
Inventory Lookup

  • Lets customers know the stock level of the products that they want to buy, directly from the self-service kiosk. Allows customers to find out the stock level of the products that they want to buy. It also shows the customer whether the store nearby his home has a particular product that he could buy later on.
Cart Management 
  • Gives your customers the power to manage their own shopping carts. Enables your customers to select, retain and store items for future use before the actual purchase.
Buy Online Pickup In store 
  • Combine the convenience of online shopping with the fun of shopping at a brick-and-mortar store by offering your customers the option to buy online and pick-up in-store program. Locker functionality allows the customer to pick up the item ordered online from his locker (that can be opened with a unique code).
Endless Aisle
  • Allow your customers to purchase products that are out of stock or unavailable by offering them the option to pick it up at another store or have it shipped to their homes. Can be smartphone or kiosk based.
Rewards & Loyalty Benefits
  • Give your customers the ability to obtain a comprehensive view of their rewards and loyalty benefits – including points accrued or redeemed, so that they can plan their purchases accordingly.
Collaboration Workbench
  • Allow your customers to open up communication channels with the collaboration workbench. It provides a common platform for retailer-customer communication. Customer can communicate with sales associates via SMS, email, chat and WhatsApp.
Product Traceability
  • Build trust for your brand by offering product traceability. Track and trace your products from manufacturing to store. The product traceability feature, driven by blockchain technology, offers traceability across your supply chain network including information on the origin, manufacturing, raw materials used, etc.
Brand Protection
  • Ensure that the products that you sell are genuine and thus ward off revenue loss, prevent brand tarnishing, stop other brands from exploiting your brand image. Powered by blockchain technology this reassures customers about the genuineness of your items.
Wishlist Management
  • Permits sales associates to see the wishlist created by your customers so that they can help the customer acquire the items in the wishlists.